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More information about the Pilot study

Update: July 2016

Interviewing for the pilot study is now underway.

In the second part of the You and Your Child study we will be talking to new parents over a few years to understand what local provision for families is like after the investment from the Big Lottery Fund has started. This is called a cohort survey. It will start in 2017 and involves a number of surveys over several years with the same families.

Before the main study starts, we first want to find out if this is a study parents would be interested to take part in, and to test the way we plan to collect information. This is known as a pilot study and will take place in 2016.

What does taking part in the pilot study involve?

We would like to interview you in person when you are pregnant, and for you to take part in this pilot study until your child is 4 months old*.

Pregnant women living in the study areas are being asked to take part in the pilot study when they go for their 16-week antenatal appointment and are given an information leaflet with more details about the study. If you no longer have your information leaflet you can request another one to be sent by emailing us at

There are 3 key stages at which we would like to ask you some questions as part of this pilot study. You can decide if you want to take part at each stage.

During pregnancy

The first step is an interview when you are around 28 weeks pregnant. This will be a face-to-face interview, lasting around 60 minutes, where an Ipsos MORI interviewer comes to your home or other place of your choice, and asks you questions about:

If you live with a partner or spouse and are happy for them to take part, they will also be asked to fill in a short questionnaire. If they are present at the time they can hand it to the interviewer once finished, otherwise they can post it to us using the pre-paid envelope left behind.

When your baby is two months old

We will send you an email to take part in an online survey when your baby is around two months old. If you prefer we can send you a copy of the questionnaire in the post for you to fill in and send back to us in a pre-paid envelope. The survey will ask you questions about:

When your baby is four months old

When your baby is about four months old you will be invited to take part in a short survey about the different types of services you have used since the birth of your child. Some people will be asked to complete this survey over the telephone and some will be asked to fill it out online - this will be decided at random.

Taking part

It is important to remind you that even though you may have given your consent to be a part of the pilot study, you are free to skip any survey, or to withdraw from the study as a whole at any point by either telling the interviewer when they visit you, or contacting the survey team at or calling us on Freephone 0808 141 3070 (please note that calls from a landline are free but calls from mobiles may vary so please check with your provider).

Thanking you for your participation

This study is very important in helping to understand how early intervention programmes work and what to fund in the future. We really appreciate your help with this study.

As a token of our appreciation we are offering a £10 ‘Love2Shop’ voucher at the face-to-face interview and when you complete a questionnaire at 2 and 4 months after your baby is born. These vouchers can be used at a wide range of shops. For more information please visit

* Depending on time limitations, it may only be possible to conduct only the 24-32 week antenatal interview or up to the 2-months postnatal interview, rather than to the 4-months postnatal time point as originally planned. We will confirm with you how many interviews we are able to carry out with you if you decide to take part in the study.